Restored Courthouse

The 1892 Archer County Courthouse was designed by Fort Worth architect Alonzo Dawson. The original construction differs greatly from the courthouse seen today and featured a tall central tower. In 1926, the courthouse was dramatically remodeled by another prominent Fort Worth architect, Elmer G. Withers. The original tower was removed and a third floor of offices was added. 

Due to the substantial changes and the importance of Withers, the restoration returned the courthouse to its 1926 appearance and configuration. Metal windows and stone infill from the 1960s were removed. Wood windows were installed to match the 1926 design. The contemporary lowered ceiling of the courtroom was removed and the District Court balcony restored. Wood floors throughout the building were uncovered from beneath layers of vinyl tile. The mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were replaced and the courthouse was made accessible to people with disabilities. 

The Boar’s Den

The Royal Theater

Initially made famous by The Last Picture Show, the Royal Theater has gained a reputation for a center of performing arts in North Texas. The Texasville Opry, the Late Week Lazy Boy Supper Club and numerous plays and performances are hosted on a routine basis at The Royal.

The theater has deep roots in Archer City history. Many share fond memories of the theater as a childhood hang out when it was in operation as the local movie theater. However, a fire gutted the building in 1965, and the building was left in ruins for many years. In the late 1990s, a group of local citizens garnered support to rebuild The Royal, and the theater opened its doors in August of 2000. Visit their website for a complete schedule of events & ticket information.

113 E Main St
Archer City, TX 76351

The Shooting Sports Complex

The Shooting Sports Complex is home to an excellent 4-H Shooting Sports program that has turned out many champions, some receiving national acclaim. A dedicated group of volunteers maintain the complex for the youth

Toby Malone

Clay County
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